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Q. Can you tell me a little about the Maltese breed in general?

A. Maltese are a beautiful toy dog. Their ideal weight is 4 to 7 lbs. when full grown. They are clean and easily trained. Maltese do not shed, making them ideal pets for families with allergies ar asthma. Maltese are even known to be odor free. Maltese are alert, intelligent, loyal, sensitive and above all extremely loving.

Q. Do they require a lot of grooming?

A. The Maltese coat is unique to the breed and does require some special attention. Their hair grows much the same as human hair. They do not shed. A thorough brushing/combing daily, will prevent matts and tangles, enabling one to grow the coat to full length. With proper grooming, conditioning and nutrition, the Maltese coat can be grown into a silky mantle of white. Many Maltese owners prefer to keep their Maltese in a shorter style known as a "puppy cut" or "pet clip", which is also adorable.

Q. Are Maltese good with children?

A. Maltese are a very loving, playful and gentle natured pet. They are not the type of dog to react aggressively to a child. Therefore the first part of my answer would be, Yes, Maltese are great with children...Are children good with Maltese??? We as breeders, with the best interest of the puppy in mind, are very cautious about placing Maltese into homes with young children. The Maltese puppy is such a small, delicate creature that we feel they are at a VERY high risk of injury in a home with a young child. It is for that reason that we prefer not to place our puppies into homes with children under the age of 8 years old. We also feel that puppies which are expected to mature over 5lbs are more appropriate than smaller Maltese when there are children in the home.

Q. Is there a difference between the temperament of males and females?

A. Maltese are especially wonderful in the personality department, males and females alike. I haven't noticed a clear difference based on gender alone. Just like people, they as individuals have their own unique personality. Some people have the mistaken belief that males would be less affectionate or more rambunctious than females. This may be true with other breeds, but certainly not with Maltese. Some of my sweetest, most well mannered, loving Maltese are males. My boys hold a special place in my heart!

Q. What is AKC registration? What is the difference between full and limited registration?

A. A.K.C. stands for American Kennel Club. The purpose of the AKC is to maintain a registry of purebred dogs. All of our Maltese are registered with the AKC. Our Pet Puppies are placed with AKC limited registration.

Limited registration means the puppy comes from fully registered, purebred Maltese parents and can be registered with the AKC. If they were to have offspring however, their offspring would not be eligible for registration. Limited registration does allow for participation in AKC sanctioned obedience and agility competition, but they cannot compete in the conformation ring. Basically, they are pets rather than show dogs. Full registration allows participation in all these AKC sanctioned events. It also allows future offspring to be registered with the AKC. Full registration would be important to someone interested in breeding or showing. Our Pet Puppies are sold as pets with limited AKC registration. Show prospects are placed with full registration to approved "show" homes only.

Welcome to Your Purebred Teacup Maltese Home

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